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Since the rise of online shopping, retailers have grappled with how to help consumers find the perfect size and fit. Choose the solution your customers want.

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With a 70% click rate, Reflekt Me reduces returns, increases conversion, and consumer engagement
creating a 300% return on investment for our clients.

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70% Shopper
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Size & Fit Returns
Increase Conversion &
Consumer Engagement
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We provide end-to-end support and consultation. The Reflekt Me team is here to help you be successful! 

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The benefits of reflekt me

Increased Sales
Increased Engagment
Instant Inclusion & Representation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Reflekt Me get content at scale?

Great question! We have three simple options.

1.) We do it for you.
2.) We teach you how to do it yourself.
3.) You upload images that you already have.

Option 1: We have a network of real people ready to work with your brand. Tell us what you want and we will create high quality images for your Reflekt Me experience that will rival your PDP hero images in weeks.

Option 2: We are committed to providing an amazing onboarding experience that can include content creation tutorials so you can create your own Reflekt Me Experience content.

Option 3: If you have images that will work, let's upload them! It's that simple.

Option 4: All of the above :-) 

We are extremely flexible! We have mastered this process and know how to get you up and running ASAP!

Does Reflekt Me use UGC?

Yes and No. UGC is great, if you have it, use it. Upload and watch it help you convert. The Reflekt Me team can also create images that rival your current PDP images.  We use trained models and photographers to ensure that you get exactly what you need to sell the most products possible. At the end of the day we want to showcase you products on real people, because your customers deserve to see real people that look like them with your products.

How many of my products can have the Reflekt Me Button?

All of them :-) We can work with all of your product!

How long does it take for Reflekt Me to integrate in our system?

Our integration process is simple. We drop a code snippet onto your product detail page, link to your product database, and upload your content. We can have the Reflekt Me experience on your website fully loaded with content within a few weeks.

If you have a Shopify website, just download our app :-).

Empower your customers & your business.

Bring the power of Reflekt Me to your e-commerce space

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