Levi.com Teams Up With Reflekt Me to Enhance Shopping Experiences With "See It In My Size" Button

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Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world’s most iconic and beloved fashion retailers. Founded in 1853, Levi’s has become synonymous with quality denim and casual wear. To ensure customers have the best possible online shopping experience, Levi.com recently partnered with Reflekt Me to create an inclusive shopping experience. This partnership sought to tackle the problem of customers struggling to make the right buying decisions based on size and fit when shopping online. The solution? The Reflekt Me “See It In My Size" button is a revolutionary tool designed by Reflekt Me to make shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers. This button allows customers to quickly and easily find their perfect fit. By providing customers with more accurate sizing information, Levi.com was able to increase usage and sales, with an average order value (AOV) of over $50. This has also enabled Levi.com to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to online shopping technology. The technology has been praised and appreciated by most customers in the retail industry.  

The Story of Levi.com

LeviStrauss & Co. recognizes the challenges of online shopping and is committed to improving the experience for its customers. Lara Lasisz, theDirect-to-Consumer Innovation lead at LS&Co., has stated that one of their top priorities is to create personalized and seamless online shopping experiences. They aim to overcome the hurdle of replicating the fitting room experience in a digital environment and are actively searching for technology that will assist customers in finding the perfect fit. Reflekt Me’s “See It InMy Size” button is just one of the ways Levi.com is striving to make online shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers. The company is also exploring ways to bring the fitting room experience to the digital world.

The Challenge of selecting the Right Size Before The “See It In My Size” button

Online shoppers face many difficulties when selecting the right size and fit when purchasing clothing online. It is difficult to shop for clothing online without being able to try on the item, and customers can often end up with an item that does not fit properly or is the wrong size. This presents a challenge for retailers, as customers can become frustrated and are less likely to purchase from them in the future. Furthermore, it can be costly for retailers to accept returns, which can lead to a decrease in overall sales. This challenge also presents an opportunity for retailers to differentiate themselves from their competition by providing an easier and more accurate shopping experience for their customers. , LS&Co. is striving to enhance consumer experiences by making size selection more precise. They believe this will help reduce the number of online returns and associated costs, increase customer satisfaction, and decrease the resources utilized in the return process.

Why Levi.com (LS&Co.) Chose Reflekt Me

Levi's considers their online shopping experience as a top priority. Selecting the correct size is a critical part of this experience. Based on market and consumer research, they identified that one way to achieve this is by allowing shoppers to preview garments on individuals with whom they can relate. As a result, Levi's has collaborated with Reflekt Me to introduce the “See It In MySize” button on their website's product detail page.

Reflekt Me is the perfect partner for Levi’s to achieve their goal of providing an enhanced online shopping experience for their customers. Reflekt Me’s “See ItIn My Size" button allows shoppers to preview garments on people who look like them. The See It In My Size function showcases images of real customers with varying sizes and body types, providing a more diverse product preview than product pages that only feature one model. By selecting their size and preferences, shoppers can view how the garment looks on a person more similar to their size, height, body shape, and skin tone. It also helps shoppers to feel more confident about their purchase, as they can get an idea of what the item looks like on someone with similar physical characteristics.

Levi's believes this will result in a more inclusive experience, as shoppers will have a more accurate preview of the product and greater confidence in their purchase.

How Reflect Me Used the “See It In My Size” button

Levi's product pages usually only show one model wearing each item, which can make it difficult for consumers to envision how the clothes will look on different body types and sizes. To address this issue, we introduced the See It In My Size, which allows customers to see an image of the garment on a model that more closely matches their size and shape.

To create a diverse range of images, we held a Levi’s company-wide contest for employees to model Levi's clothing and conducted photo shoots with micro-influencers in various locations.

The pilot version of See It In My Size is currently available on desktops in the US and will be launched across several European countries, including France, theUK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, in the near future.

The Results

The Reflekt Me “See It In My Size” Button on Levi.com

70% Usage rate from shoppers
Increased Sales Revenue
Increased Average Order Value

Improve Your Shopping Experience

If you're looking to improve your online shopping experience and increase sales, Reflekt Me is a great way to do just that. The "See It In My Size" button has been instrumental in helping online shoppers find their perfect fit.

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