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We create personalized shopping experiences for online shoppers by using their characteristics to deliver videos and images of people like them engaging with your products.

Build a Reflekted Experience

Reflekt Me Technology integrates with online retail sites and hyper-personalizes the experience using consumer characteristics such as size, skin tone, hair type, and usage needs. We create dynamic, personalized, empowering, and most of all authentic shopping experiences.




Give them what they want, Inclusivity.

Reflekt Me effortlessly creates a shopping experience that is immersive, personalized, and most of all inclusive for all of your customers. We allow you to show EVERYONE a reflection of them self engaging with, using, and recommending your products.

“Inclusivity is the future in fashion. You can either get on board or fade into irrelevance.”

- Nicolette Mason, Glamour

Inclusion & Personalization

The Reflekt Me Tool allows retailers to show a full range of sizes, heights, body shapes, skin tones, and usage cases. You also have the option of using the Reflekt Me team to find real (on brand) people to serve as models, give product tips, and product video reviews.

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Increased Conversion

68% of women say that they will buy more from a brand that uses models  of various sizes. Reflekt Me makes showing all sizes, hair types, and shades simple, seamless, and engaging.

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Creates a Social Experience

Reflekt Me is a built-in friend that helps your customers understand products from the perspective of a real person. We create a fun social experience that keeps people on your site instead of researching products other places.

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Our Amazing Team

With a team of Ph.D. level sociologists, multicultural insights specialists, psychologists, influencers, and technologists, they have created an enterprise solution for ecommerce, that empowers shoppers to find the best products based on their unique characteristics.

Tope Mitchell, Ph.D.
& Problem SOLVER
Tope is a sociologist, insights specialist, business strategist, and professor turned tech entrepreneur. She has the ability to spot trends, create actionable strategies, and leverage technology to solve real-life problems.
Gerald Mitchell, Ed.D.
Product Manager
As a leader and psychology enthusiast, Gerald knows leadership, organizational culture, and most of all how people leverage technology to meet their needs.
Gregory Blackwell
Fun Technical Guy
As a technologist, Greg specializes in building scalable infrastructure and security. He also has over 20 years of technical management experience. He also likes long walks on the beach and golfing.
Shelby Austin
Digital Community Manager
& Content Creation Guru
As an influencer, Shelby understands how to create quality content, build community, and authentically connect with people online. She is also a skilled project manager and leader.
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