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For online retailers, who want to hyper-personalize their shopping experience for 100% of their customers, Reflekt Me allows you to show real people using your products directly on your product landing page, without changing its design or layout.

Our Tech

Reflekt Me harnesses the power of hyper-personalization to revolutionize the e-commerce consumer experience.

With the touch of a button, an online shopper can visually see the product on a real person with similar physical attributes (height, weight, age, ethnicity, gender) via UGC, Influencer Content, and brand managed content.

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Made For All Products

Hair Care



Reduce returns, Increase Conversion, Engagement & Brand Affinity

The Reflekt Me Experience

Social windows

Reflekt Me creates an interactive buying experience that allows consumers to see how different sizes and backgrounds of people style, use, and love your product.

Social mirrors

Reflekt Me allows your consumers to see how your product looks on a person just like them using size, hair-type, and skin tone as the common link.

Democratize your site

Reflekt Me leverages Brand Owned and Curated content to Increase Cart size and Conversion while showcasing people of all sizes, backgrounds, and style directly on your website.

"Our technology allows shoppers to purchase with confidence, which in return increases online sales conversions and top line revenue for our customers."

The Reflekt Me Process

Empower your customers, empower your business.

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