“To live without reflection for so long might make you wonder if you even truly exist.”

- Beyonce, Black is King

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Our Goals
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To create a world where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and validated during the online shopping experience. We seek to change the fashion and beauty industry’s body representation narrative by diversifying the sizes of and use of real people to model clothing and products on online retail eCommerce websites.Our goal is to expand this highly personalized experience across all industries.

A team full of incredible people

With a team of Ph.D. level sociologists, multicultural insights specialists, psychologists, influencers, marketing specialist, and technologists, they have created an enterprise solution for e-commerce, that empowers shoppers to find the best products based on their unique characteristics.

Dr. Tope Mitchell


Tope is a sociologist, insights specialist, business strategist, and professor turned tech entrepreneur. She has the ability to spot trends, create actionable strategies, and leverage technology to solve real-life problems.

Dr. Gerald Mitchell


Gerald is an executive leader, psychology enthusiast, and Product Leader with over 10 years of executive leadership experience in the University setting.

Jorge Cuel


Jorge is a Technologist, with a 20 year history of success. Focused on Infrastructure, development, and support in Banking, Credit, Consulting Services, Business Services, and Retail. .

Pablo A. Vargas

Marketing & Design Lead

Pablo is a marketing genius and graphic designer, and digital creative. Pablo  specializes in branding, logo design, responsive web design, visual development, and user interface design.

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