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Reflekt Me wants to create a world where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and validated during the online shopping experience. ​
We seek to change the fashion and beauty industry’s body representation narrative by diversifying the sizes of and use of real people to model for online retail eCommerce websites.

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Reflekt Me Digital Community Manager

Shelby Austin @ShelbyRutha

As an influencer, Shelby understands how to create quality content, build community, and authentically connect with people online. She is also a skilled project manager and leader.

The Founders

Reflekt Me was born from Tope's desire to pass on a love for fashion to her beautiful daughter without the potential problems that arise while trying to enjoy it as a normal person. Tope and Gerald have both fluctuated in size and weight and struggled with the way clothing "FIT" and the challenge of buying them online. While being bombarded with images of people that didn't look like them and the emotional impact of that during the purchasing process. One day while watching her daughter play in the mirror, completely in love with her reflection, Tope realized that she wanted to ensure that her daughter lived in a world that reflected and celebrated her image, instead of destroying her beautiful reflection. After some very long nights, amazing brainstorming, and several iterations... Reflekt Me was born.  We are a wife and husband team with ambitions to change the way the fashion industry uses, depicts, and highlights the human body.  Fashion has always been a part of our individual and collective identities. As college students, Tope was an urban artsy bohemian with big earrings, head wraps, and neo-soul music; while Gerald had an All American style accented by streetwear and sneakers.  As time passed their styles merged into a very cool mix that can be described as Wakanda with a dope bag and AJ1s (Tope wanted this explained, AJ1s are Air Jordan 1s).